The International TRI® Association is a non-profit entity that brings together all professionals, therapists or trainers related to TRI®.

Our main objectives are two:

  1. Spread the benefits of Comprehensive Reprogramming Therapy to as many people as possible, for which AITRI will share information and updates about the therapy as they appear.
  1. Promote quality training anywhere in the world taught by trainers accredited by AITRI and supervised by Anna Flores, creator of the method.


The approach of the Comprehensive Reprogramming Therapy, TRI®, It consists of deprogramming deep-rooted emotional and behavioral patterns from the past that negatively impact the present, with the aim of achieving improvement in a short period of time of 5 sessions. At the end of this process, the desired future will be positively programmed.


The TRI® Training  It is endorsed by AITRI with the quality guarantee that is defined by Anna Flores, creator of TRI®. Anna Flores carries out personalized supervisions to all the coaches who receive their accreditation after having met all the requirements during and after the training.


AITRI also has a social purpose, which is why it encourages, on the one hand, contact between professionals and, on the other, the relationship with other non-profit associations to bring TRI® closer to people in need of it who are not in a position to hire a TRI® Certified Therapist